The Piano in Echo Park

This weekend Shay and I got tickets to go to Cinespia in Hollywood. Cinespia is this outdoor movie screening that the Hollywood Cemetery puts on every few weeks where old movies are displayed on a projector and people come out to watch and enjoy the film. We got tickets to see Psycho play and wandered down to Hollywood to enjoy the day before the movie began. 

Shay and I are very similar in the sense that being around tons of people isn't actually our cup of tea. I get fairly bad social anxiety and he has it even worse so it's easy not to have to hide that side of things when being around him. Once we saw how many drunk college kids were wandering into the movie screening, we both decided the anxiety wouldn't be worth it and ended up driving elsewhere to discover a good time. It may seem silly, running away from things but it's hard when you have to deal with anxiety.

The way I see it is that some people fit in and some people don't. A lot of what makes you liked today in society are things I don't care for. I don't care to have empty conversations or to indulge in alcohol or drugs to have a good time. I don't like feeling looked at or being judged and if I can go somewhere with myself I'd rather do that than be amongst a ton of people who don't know anything about me. I like to keep to myself most times and Shay is the same way. I get that part of him and he respects that part of me. It makes things easy.

We drove down the busy streets and ended up parking somewhere just to get out and get some air. We  were near Echo Park and walked out onto the streets to wander back and through the townhouse paved roads. This part of town is coloured with graffiti and art. Every corner is a different shade and even the little homes have stories displayed on their front lawns. I grabbed my camera and walked and even though we were mostly silent, there was no space between us. 

Shay is a musician. I won't ever admit it but I envy his passion and skill with music. He plays guitar effortlessly and I love sitting in his room and listening to him play. I knew he played other instruments but had yet to hear any of them until we happened upon an old piano sitting outside a coffeeshop. It was the most random thing and used mostly as a strange table or cupholder for most, but Shay went up and started to play. 

He's more in his element with music and as his anxiety washed away with the notes, I snapped photos to remember the moment. He taught me how to play and I watched his hands make music. I'll always remember the look in his eyes when he played one of my favourite songs. It was that little detour away from the crowds of Cinespia and towards the lost piano on the street that made this weekend a memory. 

Sometimes life doesn't go according to plan. I'm someone who has the hardest time accepting that. But I'm also someone who has learned that most good things aren't planned. Some things just fall into place and make sense. We just have to let them. Even though Cinespia didn't work out, the day wasn't tainted or remembered for something not going according to plan. Find people in life who make lost plans into new ideas. They're the lucky ones and the kind you'll want to keep around.


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