Orange Fields

Last night Shay came to walk around my neighbourhood with me and Sparcky. I took him to this little hidden ranch near my house called Orcutt Ranch. It's a beautiful hideout right on the side streets of the city with gorgeous huge old trees and fields of beautiful nature. You can get lost in the leaves, the endless skies, and the freedom. He was really into it too and kept nagging me about how I should have brought my camera. He encourages me to bring it wherever we go which is such a wonderfully strange new addition to our adventures. I'm slowly getting comfortable with the idea so you'll most likely see more shots of our trips on here soon. 

I went back on my lunch break today just to see if I can take a photo or two to remember last night. I didn't expect to actually take anything worth while as yesterday's moments had already passed however, bathing in the sun I welcomed a new surprise. I found her laying against the orange trees  and she let me get just close enough to steal a few shots of her afternoon nap. Coyotes are such gentle, beautiful creatures. Shay and I usually spend our times in parks or out on a stolen path and we always see them wandering the streets at night. The first time I went to see him in Simi we crossed paths with one coming home as the sun was setting. I regretted not grabbing my camera from the car  that day and stealing a photo or two. It was a rare coincidence that I found one laying in this hidden cove today. I was just a visiter on her day as she roamed and bathed, beautiful and free. She let me join her for those few lost moments and for that, I am grateful. 



  1. Coyotes are cute! I live in a very urban area, so there probably isn't a chance for me to spot one at all - unless it's at a zoo :(

    becky | star violet


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