This Week I... (#5)

1. Went back to High School. Not literally of course, but I did go back for a visit. My little brother is actually starting High School on Tuesday so I went to orientation with him and showed him about a bit. It's so surreal walking down those hallways again and reliving some of those angsty teen memories. He has a tough four years ahead of him, but we all have to find a way to grow up sometimes. 

2. Celebrated my munchkins' birthdays. Josh and Dylan, or Squash and Pickle, my two munchkins I work with celebrated their birthdays this past month and on Friday I came baring a basket full of cupcakes and presents to share in the festivities. It's crazy how fast time flies. 

3. Moseyed around a beautiful lakeside dock. Friday night a good friend and I went out to dinner and then after took a walk around this gorgeous dock in Westlake Village. It was the most gorgeous little lake that had all these little boats and was shadowed by the sunset. Such a lovely area and really fun night. 

4. Ate too much Frozen Yogurt. When I like something, I like it a lot. Last weekend when my best friend and I were out shopping we picked up some Frozen Yogurt from Menchies and it's officially become a weekend treat. It's so bloody good and not horribly unhealthy so that's always a plus. We also totally didn't have it two night in a row, pfft, definitely not. 

5. Had an amazing pamper night in. Saturday night was girls night. Dilshika and I went out and did our grocery shopping for the week and then settled in for the night at her place with a full hair mask, face mask, manicure session. I think everyone deserves a good pamper night every once in a while, and we sure needed one! 

6. Went to the Rosebowl Flea Market. This morning I was off adventuring around the Flea Market. I actually just wrote up a post with all the little treasures I picked up but this was definitely my highlight of the week. The big thrifting event is held the second Sunday of every month and if you're ever in California you definitely have to go! 

I also of course did the usual work, work, work and never got enough sleep but this week was really lovely and quite eventful. I do have to go on a little spending ban however because my wallet has not seen a break recently but all in all, it was a nice series of events. 

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  1. I love this series you're doing.
    And I enjoy reading all of your posts because you describe everything. You paint beautiful imagery to go along with your words


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