The Weekend Post : New Years Resolutions... (#5)

The holidays are slowly drawing to a close and it's becoming that jolly time of year where everyone starts to kind of freak out and draw up these ridiculous lists of resolutions that they swear they will keep in the coming year. New Years Resolutions. Basically the only time of year where everyone runs to get a gym membership and swears off of cigarettes or booze and promises themselves that this will be the year where everything changes. I would just like to start of by saying that every single year I swore I was going to loose weight and joined a gym and did all that hooha dieting for all of January and come February my little 'resolutions' were old news that would soon be forgotten until January 1st rolled around again. One thing I have learned is that if you truly want change then you shouldn't have to wait until tomorrow or next week. If you want to start losing weight then start today. If you want to stop drinking, put down the glass. If you no longer want to smoke cigarettes, throw out your freaking carton right now. Most of the obvious resolutions that people go for are such bullshit excuses for waiting until next year where if they truly wanted change then they would do it today, not have to wait for all the mumbo jumbo of New Years and new beginnings and all that cliche bullshit. I'm sorry that I had to blunt there but that's just the way I see it. 

This past year, I lost my weight and I'm continuing to lose weight and it's no longer a resolution of mine to be a size 2 or whatever nonsense because I decided I wanted change and just did it. Yes, I will continue to move towards being my ideal weight and living healthy but that doesn't have to do with the fact that a new year is beginning, it's an everyday goal of mine. A lifestyle resolution. I think as I'm getting older my goals for the new year have really changed. I do have one very important goal for next year and that would be to make as many memories as possible and smile and be happy as often as possible. My resolution is to not go through another year where I find myself in situations making me unhappy and not doing something about it. I am eighteen years old and I am young and I have so much time and there are so many reasons out there to be happy that it is absolutely ridiculous wasting a single moment being sad. My resolution is to travel and meet people and try to make friends and experiences and live. I basically want to be sitting here next year looking back at the last twelve months and thinking, wow, this year I lived and it was magical. I gave myself goals that I can reach and that are more emotional building blocks to my future than unrational objectives that I'm not going to keep. I gave myself reasons to look forward to new days and I am working on happiness everyday starting now, not January 1st. 

This year I plan to see my family in February and take an insane adventure to California and enjoy every single moment of it. This year I plan to study and enjoy what I'm learning and I told myself that if I feel like it's not making me happy, I give myself the permission to find happiness elsewhere. I gave myself summers in Europe where I will find time to see sights even if they are right outside my door. I allowed myself to forgive, forgive my family and my past and move forward rather than back. I gave myself love, by feeling comfortable in my own skin with my weight and my skincare and my beauty. I gift myself passion for writing a wonderful blog with amazing readers and hopes of growing further. I am alive another year and that is the greatest gift of all. Don't waste your time on resolutions that can be made today, live everyday as if it's the 1st, not just January 1st. 

Happy New Years Guys.

Stefanie xx 


  1. This was so lovely to read, I feel the exact same way, if you want something, do it now and do it with everything you have!
    Have a fantastic 2014!!
    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

  2. Wow, wow, wow! This was an incredible post, Stefani! Throughout it all I found myself thinking,"That's exactly how I would have put that."

    I made a New Years resolution Jan 1st of 2013 to loose weight and it took me until September to actually do it! I have now lost 10 lbs and am almost to my goal weight. But I completely agree, don't wait until another year rolls by to make the changes in your life so that you can be the person you want to be. DO IT TODAY! Because then it's just another bullshit excuse for that fact that you truly do not want to change.

    Again, great post. Dead on everything I would have said.


  3. Aw, I really love this post.
    I am already starting my New Years Revolutions.
    Do it now if you want to change. :)

    E | Beauty/Skincare | Cocoamourr

  4. Hi Stefanie,

    This was a really great read. I think true success comes from real motivation and if you have that you don't need to wait for a date or a sign to get going with life!

    I hope you continue to stay motivated and inspired and have a wonderful 2014, your blog is a really enjoyable read. Keep it up!

    Madeline xx

  5. Really great resolutions, mine are pretty much the same! :)


  6. I do agree that if you want to make a change you should start asap, but at the same time, for the first time this year I can see why so many people do look forward to the prospect of a new year. If it gives someone hope I think that's fabulous. Sometimes it's the very start of a new year that can give a little extra boost of motivation during a time that perhaps otherwise hasn't been so great, that's very much the case for me :)

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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