Nars Cruella Lip Pencil

I have always been so intrigued by women who can pull off red lipstick. I personally love the color red, it can make such a statement and in a metaphorical way is a color of feministic empowerment. For Christmas I received the Nars Bourdin Lip Pencil set and one of the amazing pencils part of the set happened to be Cruella. This in my eyes is the absolute perfect Red. It is creamy, highly pigmented, the pencil doubles as a lipstick and lip liner and dries to the most perfect matte shade. I can honestly understand now why this wonderful shade is on tons of holy grail lists. I never thought red lipstick complimented my skin tone, red lipstick always felt more like I had gotten lost in my mom's makeup bag and just thrown on this extreme color but Nars did it right. They made a color that is so flattering that I can imagine it working for every skin tone. Also, red lips can sometimes highlight those imperfections on your teeth; i.e. the aftermath of too much coffee drinking and this one does no such thing. Also, this baby is impossible to get off when you're not sitting down for a meal or drink. It lasts and lasts for hours and only then starts to slightly vanish in the middle. I am absolutely crazy about this lip pencil. 

The only flaw? I do not have the woman balls to wear this out in public. I honestly don't know how girls do it, how do ya'll wear such a bold striking color that immediately causes attention? I am more of a shy person, I like to stay part of the crowd and yah, I love experimenting with makeup but for some reason I just cannot get myself to feel confident enough to wear a red lip. Heck, I'm constantly prancing around the house with bold lips, taking selfies, sending snapchats, I feel like such a cool kid but the minute I leave the house all my confidence just evaporates. Today I actually put this lip pencil to the test and took these photos in the morning, left for work right after and wore the color to work. I lasted a total of 40 minutes until I excused myself to scrub off the lipstick. I just do not have the confidence to have tons of people staring at my tiny lips and probably thinking the worst. I do think that lip colors are more striking on ladies with bigger lips and since I've been gifted an incredibly small mouth, I just feel like I can't pull them off. So to all you beauty fanatics that pull off a red lip and have the lady balls to go out in public, I admire you. Maybe hopefully one day, I will get the courage to do the same myself. 

Have any of you tried out Cruella? Do you opt for a bold lip or stay neutral? Do you have lady balls? haha. sorry, I felt it was necessary to ask. 
Let me know, down bellow!

Stefanie xx


  1. I always wear neutral lip shades! I wish I was brave enough to wear bold colours but I always feel so silly! x


  2. This is beautiful! I can't pull off a bright red lip usually but this is quite dark and really flattering. I hope you can grow the lady balls to wear this out one day :) Wear it round the house a lot and you'll get used to seeing it on yourself and it won't be so bad then x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  3. That made me feel so sad to read how you scrubbed it off your lips! This colour looks lovely on you, you should definitely be proud to wear it out! A bold lipstick has become part of my everyday makeup to the point where I feel bare without it. I say make it your New Year's resolution to go out with red lipstick. You'll love it after a while :)

  4. This colour really suits you, one day you should take the plunge and wear it outside! Once you've done it once, you'll be able to again with ease!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  5. This looks so good, would love to try it but Nars is so difficult to get a hold of around here. The color looks lovely on you!

    Kelly | secondhandspring

  6. You should go for it! I used to feel the same but I braved it one day and everyone said how nice it looked. I don't wear it all the time but it can actually be really fun on occasions. It is such a beautiful colour on you. I definitely want to pick this up now! x


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