2020 Goals/Thoughts

Goals/Thoughts for 2020
Create and Develop a True Website Portfolio
More Beauty Photography
Film Photography
Travel Outside of California
Stand Up For Myself/Speak My Mind in Terms of Photography More
Dress better/cooler
Smile More, Laugh More
Shoot A Wedding
Get Better at Event Photography
Go to Catalina Island/Submarine Trip
Drink More Water
Healthier Skin Habits
Less to No Dairy Products
Visit a Doctor and Get Regular Check Ups
Travel More

  • Zion
  • Death Valley
  • New Mexico
  • Bixby Bridge 
  • Arizona
  • Utah
  • San Francisco
  • Yellowstone
  • Mono Lake
  • Texas
  • Seattle 
Stretch More/Hot Yoga More
Take My Vitamins Every Day
Be Happier, Live more in the moment


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