Idyllwild, California

After Lake Fulmor we headed into town. A twenty minute drive further up the beautiful San Bernardino mountains brought us to the small town of Idyllwild. Since we had time to kill, our first stop was the Mount San Jacinto State Park Deer Springs Trail. Shay and I both love hiking so the long three mile hike to Suicide Rock in the middle of the forest was enchanting. The fall tones and fresh air were perfect and a few miles in we even found snow. After what felt like forever, we neared Suicide Rock which happened to be piled with fresh snow. I took two steps forward and slipped five steps back, falling on my butt and tearing open my hand in the process. My camera was ok and that's all that mattered but after my fall we decided to head back since we definitely weren't equipped for snow. If you're hiking in the fall, be sure to wear snow boots and be prepared for some uneven terrain! 

Six miles later and we were beat! We decided to head into town until our airbnb was ready. The shops in Idyllwild are perfect and look like they're straight out of a movie. We parked our car and wandered around the entire town in a little over a half hour. Gift shops and cafes are scattered everywhere. The Idyllwild Ice Cream & Jerky spot was our favorite because we found a special little treat - sugar free shaved ice. We have had an obsession with shaved ice for a few years now and the shaved ice place near our home had just closed down so to find a tiny shop on this massive forest mountain that served our favorite treat felt like magic. 
We also wandered into a few gift shops searching for souvenirs. The Idyllwild Thrift Store was scattered with thrifted bits and bops and in the back corner we found a beautiful hand drawn sketch of Idyllwild for five bucks. Obviously I snatched it and it now sits framed above my desk in our bedroom. 
Our day was spent hiking, taking tons of pictures and just enjoying the outdoors. One spot we missed on our trip was the Record Emporium but it's on the bucket list for next time we visit. Our Airbnb was the cutest coziest cabin with an interesting bathroom to say the least. After such a long day we snacked through dinner, watched Netflix and fell fast asleep. The next morning we drove home and went back to our normal routine. We're both serious homebodies and going away is always a little tough for both of us. We go somewhere for a day and do everything imaginable in those twenty-four hours, then we race home and get back to the swing of things chatting about the beautiful memories we were able to share together.
Idyllwild, 2018. Our perfect getaway before the end of the year. 


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