Our new home

There's a lot of things about a home that make it homey. We recently moved into a bigger place and I've had a lot of time to think about the last homes we've lived in. Moving into my studio was so huge at the time. I wanted my own space, my first real place away from my family and after so many dates in my car, Shay and I had a place to go to. 

My studio was small. It had the silliest quirks. It was my first bathroom I had to myself and I remember taking off work somedays just to have a spa day in that little room. The closet was so weird and we needed a separate huge air box to stay cool. The toilet wouldn't flush and I basically only owned a bed but it was the greatest times there. Shay and I spent our first Christmas in that space. We decorated a tree and he cooked some of our first meals there. It was so simple but so sweet.

When we moved into Avalon, the timing was a bit off. It was our first shared home and we didn't really know how that was going to be like. Shay ended up having a rough financial year at the same time we had to move in. My business was still starting up and we had to work so much that year that we rarely wanted to come home to look at all the things we had to do. The kitchen was closed off, the patio was never used, and the cats made us miserable with carpet. It was our in between home. 

Flash forward not even a year, and I needed out of there. So we searched and we contemplated and it was a beautiful relief to feel comfortable enough to have options. The last place we looked at was the one we knew we'd need to call home. It made sense, it checked all of our boxes and I went in and put down a deposit the same day. It's been less than a month and this place feels like a home. 

We have a living room, a dining room!, an open kitchen to use together. There's hardwood flooring and an office and we've been enjoying decorating our space together. Our bedroom looks like a bedroom. And one of my favourite additions is that we have a patio and we're growing a garden together. There's something beautiful about plants and growth. Every time we go for a walk, I catch Shay admiring the simplicity of flowers. He's a simple man with the most beautiful heart. We've been spending time out in our patio. We have roses and flower boxes, a grape vine and cacti that have traveled with us since our first home. Our bedroom has a huge elephant leaf plant that we both watch amazed as it grows every day and it feels so sweet. We're happy. We're growing with our garden, with our home and it feels like we're progressing again. 

Yesterday he hugged me on our patio, among our flowers and he just held me there. It's been so many years now and just his simple hold is all I could ever need. We've lived out of a duffle bag and in a single room, we could live in a box for all I care as long as we're together so I'm happy we live here and that we're finally read to be back home. 

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