Away for the Weekend

On Wednesday we moved back into our apartment after a month of dogsitting. It feels warm being back in my own home. I missed my bed. Today Shay and I are working the morning and then I'll go pick him up so we can head out on the road to Bass Lake. Our first adventure of the year.

We have a hard time traveling because we're both very active beings. The thought of sitting and driving for five hours is miserable. Tomorrow we're planning on finally heading back to Yosemite. It's been over a year now since we first went and this time Shay and I are planning on going alone. We're spending the weekend in the cabin with his family and for two nonsocial beings, the social entertainment is going to drain us both. That mixed with long car rides will leave us exhausted next week but the sights of Yosemite are all I'm yearning for. 

It should be snowing there and I'm excited to take more photos this time around. Last time felt rushed which I'm sure this time will be as well however, it'll be nice just being the two of us and seeing, living and being. 

Until Monday.


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