Sometimes two people are going through two separate things and it's hard to be the same together. This year has been a tough one. Tough for both Shay and I and where my life changed for the better, his is currently just on hold. It's the type of pain that's gradual and is taking over more aspects of his life than he can control; there's a willingness to lack passion because it can't be important, can't feel whole. 

He's on hold right now and I'm waiting. We're still good, still happy but he has to ride this wave and I need to stand on the shoreline waiting for his head to come back up above water. That's what partners do, they wait. People are too quick to give up on things these days. 

He never gave up on me all those many months and days ago. I can't give up on him now. 

Patience. It's something we're taught is important to learn but we don't realise how valuable the lessons are until we're challenged with being patient on your own. 


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