A Year in Words.

Sentences to sum up a hectic year. 

2017 began at the lowest point in my eating issues. I was confronted with my true problems and I ended a job a week before my twenty-second birthday. I got the number two tattooed on my wrist. We went to an island for my birthday. I started photography slowly but was afraid so I took a job at a hair salon. I learned how to exist with women. I became attached but three months later made the choice to fully invest and work for myself full time. I had zero dollars in my bank account a lot of weekends. I got a Prius. 

I shot a ton and drove home from the beach watching the sunset some nights. Shay moved into my studio with me. We got two cats. They drove us nuts so we went looking for a bigger space. We moved in and I moved out of my first real home. 

We drove to Fresno a few times; I took photos and met Shay's dad and stepsister. Shay got a letter which made his finances more difficult. We started walking dogs. I made a call after one of my trips and found out my best friend was moving. A month later my mom moved to Austria. I had a hard time. I finally joined a group to get help with my food problems. 

This year was a big one. A few more days until twenty-eighteen and two more months until twenty-three. I filed my papers to start my LLC. Shay and I are building a future together. I'm growing up. I'm proud of who I'm becoming. It'll be exciting to see where I'll be next year. 



  1. Such a lovely read, love that you're proud of who you're growing into - so inspiring! Thanks for sharing :)

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  2. As usual, commenting here feels a bit intrusive. You're always so raw and honest on this blog and it always touches me in the deep corner of my heart. It seems like a profound year for you, so glad to know you're moving in the right direction. I hope you'll be able to overcome your eating issues in time.
    Also, your blog inspires me to shift focus on my own. I love how you share deep emotions without having the feel of oversharing or exposing crucial facts about you. I'd like that for me too.
    Happy New Year!

    Alive as Always


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