Pumpkin Patches & Haunted Pictures 10/26/16

Yesterday Shay and I snuck off after work and went to a Pumpkin Patch. Last year, I carved my first pumpkin. We did it totally old school and simply drew on a silly face and carved out pieces with a kitchen knife. This year we decided we wanted to try to be more creative and knew we'd want to try stencils and carving cool crazy designs. We ended up finding two mini pumpkins and one long shaped kind. The large one looks kind of durpy and I'm hoping to carve it into a long silly face. As we were browsing around and saying hello to the Underwood Farms billy goats, Shay and I happened into the small corn maze. I was busy snapping photos and laughing as always and he was being my model and we were just carelessly enjoying the time on a Wednesday. When I came back home and went through my pictures, I found that last photo on the bottom totally spooky and in weird frames. My camera has never done anything like that before! Especially not during the day where the lighting was fine and it didn't have a tough time adjusting or finding the space. The patch we went to was on a farm off a road in Moorpark and it's kind of abandoned with endless fields and roads all over the place. It's even near Scary Dairy and since we're nuts for all things haunted and spooky it was pretty cool getting a creepy photo develop out of nowhere and just in time for Halloween. I sent Shay the pic this morning and he's already excited to go back and investigate. Whether it was just a camera glitch or a spooky ghostly haunted embrace, the Pumpkin Picking was a success and we walked away with three little orange pumpkins ready for us to use and make! 

We're trying to make the pumpkins last for Halloween so we'll probably be crafty this weekend when we're not worried about time or it getting too late. Today and tomorrow we'll be looking up wacky designs and buying some pumpkin carving kits. Shay's even into the idea of using the pumpkin guts and finding something to bake! This weekend we have a concert to go to and we'll probably wonder off on an adventure or two during our free days. I'm happy and excited and although Halloween is right around the corner, I'm finally starting to feel festive and cannot wait to see what this Autumn season brings. I cannot believe the holidays are already here. Last year I blogged all about my first winter with Shay. It's crazy to think we're already onto our second year. 

I'm happy and content and jazzed for this year to come to an end. 


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