My Place.

I have a place. I don't know if many of you know that or if I even know it sometimes but every month I pay money to have my own little place. We stay at Shay's house most of the time. His house has a t.v. and there's air conditioning and it's not my place. His house has our cave and in the corner I have a duffel bag that contains most of my closet, a small chunk of my makeup, a hairbrush, contact case, and tooth brush. I always thought I couldn't be the girl that would be able to fit her whole life in one bag but that's what I became. One bag, simple. done. sweet.

Every morning though, I have a place. I go home when Shay leaves for work and have my first cup of coffee from the coffee machine in the corner of my place. I know it's silly, I know it seems a bit strange but those slow morning moments every once in a while make having that space worth it every month. When I first moved in, I was baffled with decorating. I always dreamt of an area to completely own and then I realized filling spaces takes years of patience and so I waited for my home to grow. 

I think the point of this story is because I bought a mirror. A beautiful round old gold mirror. I went to Good Will yesterday to buy a purse and found another mirror there too. My home now has five mirrors when a month ago it only had two. I tried taking a photo of it but it's tricky to do and the morning hours are dark and harsh to come through. But there's a mirror sitting on a desk in a home I see for a few hours every week. 

My home. My space. My place. 

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