Back To The Lake

It's been a while. It's mid October and it's windy outside. We're renting a car this Friday and then Saturday we're heading back up to the cabin at Bass Lake. Shay's mom and Rob are driving up Friday and his brother, Jesse and his wife, Jill with their two nuggets Shayne and Rory are coming up too. Skye and Chance will be there with us again but this time a third member is joining them. Skye's pregnant and they're expecting a little baby boy by the end of the year. 

I'm still here. I still see sunsets and dream of traveling to photograph the world. I find myself caring less and less about having people like me and more about liking myself. I'm more opinionated and less of a people pleaser but I still have a tendency of putting things off or running away. I'm human and growing up and I'm learning to like who I'm becoming to be. 

I'm progressing, a work with eraser shavings and sweaty palm smudges. 
I'm a pencil outline of a person afraid to commit anything to ink. 

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