Homemade Tacos

There's something so incredibly intimate about having someone to cook for or having someone cook for you. It's a lot about trust and knowing someone else well enough to trust them with your palette. One thing I've missed with the entirety of my heart is having Shay cook for me. With the stress and hustle of the last few weeks, we had more time to pick up a quick dinner than to enjoy being in the kitchen preparing a real hardy meal. 

Yesterday, Shay made us tacos; homemade and delicious. I'd been craving Mexican food all weekend and was ready to go out and buy some fatty greasy food when we decided to opt for an at home low calorie option instead. He seasoned and spiced and cooked with his heart and care and as always, satisfied my cravings by purely existing and being there. Everyone goes through ups and downs and tumbles and falls and lately it's been a little hard to see the brighter side of things, of honestly anything at all. This weekend and the past week were shook with a few health scares and Shay and I stuck together, didn't push away and stayed there. It wasn't easy, it was very hard but it mattered and I felt him in my bones and in my heart. 

Making homemade tacos may not seem like much but it's the little things with us. It always has been.  He's my hero and my best friend and there's not much else that I could want or ask for or say. Shay made us homemade tacos and managed to steal my heart. 

Just like he always does, every day in every way. 



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