Our Little Garden

Oh photography.. I literally find myself editing and re-editing and re-re-editing pictures for hours sometimes and then just beat myself up about everything I should of done right. I've learned a lot, a lot of tricks of the trade but goodness if I'm not my own worst critic. I'm a perfectionist and photography along with most of the arts, is something that can never be perfectly made. I promised Shay something when we decided to start blogging together. I'd post about our adventures together still, no matter what because this blog is our journey and I've been writing about us since the very start. 

On Saturday we planted our garden and it was wonderful and beautiful and fun. I'm big into plants. Mostly only the kind you can pin on Pinterest because I seem to not be able to keep any alive. A few months back I spent buckets of cash on filling my apartment up with plants. With constantly running from Shay's house to the gym to work, I kind of forgot to stop in and water my plants and after a few weeks I came home to a bunch of sad sorry dead strands. It was devastating, I'd named them and all. I decided then I was unfit to have child plants and that I would only be allowed to oggle them from afar. Tragic story, I know. Shay on the other hand, my big muscular tattooed fit guy dude, he manages to make every seed we plant grow so this weekend, we decided to build a wooden planter and start a garden on our own. 

Yes, we're that nerdy. We're the cooking fitness junkies who now can grab vegetables and herbs from our own backyard, it's pretty cool. On Saturday we built a planter and filled it with healthy soil and dirt and then after a trip to the local plant store, we had a family of vegetables to grow. We bought two types of tomatoes, serrano peppers, spinach, red peppers and orange. We bought zucchini squash and yellow squash and cilantro and basil and we even picked up mint and strawberries and cilantro and corn! It's kind of a mishmash of everything we enjoy but it's beautiful and amazing that we're raising them from our home. 

It's a perfect little planter for just him and me and it was such a beautiful bright memory. Now everyday I get to go there and see our little baby veggie stems sparkle and grow. These pictures aren't too grand, the rest were in such awful lighting I had to let them go but I wanted to post our journey and this is part of that, you know? 

It was the end of April and we were still in Spring and we planted a garden in a planter of our own. 


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