Pinterest Recipes I've Been Wanting To Try - Carb Style

Shay and I are pretty good about eating healthy everyday and making macro friendly recipes each night. When your caloric intake is as low as mine is lately, you find yourself browsing pinterest for some naughty cheat day meals. 

Here are a few recipes I've been wanting to try: 

Shay isn't crazy about tomatoes so I dream about these Caprese Garlic Breads. Ohmygoodness they look delicious!
I'm all about the carbs when I'm craving. These Quesadillas with Feta, Hummus and Avocado are something I could eat every day. 
Just look at these Roasted Grape Crostinis, seriously? How does something so delicious even exist? 
(Via: NutMegNanny)

So on those days where I'm craving, you can probably find me on Pinterest looking up cheesy pieces of bread and dreaming of falling into a food coma. I'm pretty sure if I ever visit France or Italy I will most likely gain back every pound I've lost back and it'd all be worth it. But for now, I'm stuck in the states dreaming of carbs.

Stay tuned for a sweet treat version of more awesome and delicious cheat meal recipes!

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