Capturing the Moment

Photography is slowly becoming my own personal form of therapy. I used to rush to stumble upon the perfect sentence that would sum up everything I was feeling at any given time. The stuttering, stumbling, stress usually came out as a riddle and it always felt like everyone was listening but no one really heard what I was trying to say. Photos are easier. They're this moment of time that can mean so much to anyone. Even if that something means nothing, I was able to make you feel.

My days are recently spent getting lost. I talk about getting lost a lot on here. Driving is my getting lost; it's my form of running away without the commitment of leaving. It's easier to drive away for a day than to deal with not wanting to be somewhere. Lately however, I'm not so much getting lost in a place but rather, in a person. I never thought I would meet someone who I would want to share so much of myself with. Meeting people and becoming close has never been natural for me. There's always something missing and it's always satisfactory but never quite good. I didn't plan on meeting him. I didn't plan on feeling anything but I know he's going to change my life because he already has. I have a hard time trusting that people will stay in my life for very long. I try to remember everything and keep pieces of memories with me so that when they're gone I can still feel what I felt again. So until he's gone, I'll keep his moments and memories so that I'll never forget that someone was able to do that for me. Someone was able to affect me so much that I wanted to remember them. 

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