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This morning was such a beautiful refreshing end to a hectic week. It feels like this week was one of the longest I've had in a while and a lovely weekend hike was just what I needed. I know I haven't been as active these past few days but I've kind of had my attention locked on something new and exciting that happened this week. I actually bought my very first car a few days ago! I haven't really mentioned it as much on my blog but I've been learning how to drive (finally) and have been shopping around for a car here and there. My ultimate goal was to have a car and my license before I turn twenty. My birthday is towards the end of February so I wasn't really rushing or allowing myself to jump at just any offer. On Monday my boss had told me about an offer he'd received from his friend to go look at a car for me. So Tuesday happened by and we went to the house, checked out the car and I just knew, this was the one. I'm going to (hopefully) talk more about buying a used car and the worries and woes that come with it but for now, I officially own a 1999 Mercedes Benz Convertible! Which is pretty rad if you ask me. 

With buying a new car comes tons of new responsibilities and personally since I don't know a thing about automobiles I've had a headache dealing with all the information coming in from various people. It's a very complex thing to wrap your head around - buying, owning, registering, insuring, etc. etc. so forgive me for my brief absence. To finally clear the air and just have a nice break from all that is reality, Dilshika and I went to our usual breakfast nook and then happened off on our hiking trail to enjoy a few hours away from the stress. The trail was absolutely beautiful this morning, it smelled fresh from the night fog and everything was green and just so natural and refreshing. It was amazing and I'm so glad I took my camera along with me to snap a few pics. Sparcky was our main model for the expedition and he loved it because he's a sassy little thing that loved being out and about for a walk. We ran into this gorgeous broken down tree that had millions of colours and these intricate webbed branches, it was so so nice. After a few hours and catching up with chatter, we're back to our realities and so it goes. I just wanted to drop in and kinda talk about what's been going on lately and just to share this beautiful new addition to my life. Happy Weekend everyone. 


  1. What gorgeous photos! It looks beautiful ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  2. Beautiful photos!
    Great job on owning your first car! It's always exciting to have something that is your own responsibility. Don't worry, you will learn everything as you go. All I can tell you is that a car has many extra expenses, sometimes out of the blue. Otherwise, it's great and gives you lots of freedom!!


  3. What gorgeous pictures! I am glad you got to have a relaxing little walk at the end of your hectic week. Owning a first car is a pretty big accomplishment, though! Congratulations! :)


  4. Congrats on the car, it sounds amazing! xo

  5. Need to see a picture of this car!! x



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