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Ages ago when the big hype about Makeup Geek Blushes came around, I took my time browsing their shop and researching their products. These eyeshadows are fairly inexpensive, averaging at about $6 a shadow and therefore I decided to take the time to really look into them before purchasing.  I don't mean to sound like a makeup snob but when it comes to less expensive products I'm always iffy about investing my money. That may sound silly but I personally value quality over quantity which is something I only recently began to understand. Rather than having tons of different eyeshadows I choose to own fewer yet more rewarding shadows that are really going to give me great formulas and deliver every time. 

I went ahead and ordered three shadows that had been ranted and raved over in the beauty community. Peach Smoothie was the first in my cart and the most abused of the bunch. I absolutely adore this eyeshadow. It is a beige/peach tone that almost reminds me of even a light apricot and it's matte so it's absolutely ideal for every single makeup look. I have used this shadow alone to just add a little dimension and then every other time to just help blend out those harsher edges. It's creamy and pigmented and I cannot go a day without using it. If you're going to choose just one shadow to pick up from this brand, I would recommend Peach Smoothie

Being an olive toned girl, sometimes lighter shades don't show up as well as others so to pair with Peach Smoothie I bought it's darker cousin Creme Brulee. This shadow also has a matte finish and to me looks more like an orangey sand colour. It has this rust vibe that paired with any burgundy toned shadows or plum shades really creates this absolutely unique look. I like using this shade in my crease to smoke out a neutral look and it highlights my green eyes somehow beautifully. I would have never considered a shadow this dusty mauve tone to be so beautiful, but goodness it is. 

Lastly, I had to do it; I had to buy another plum shade. Unexpected is this beautiful light greyish purple tone that is just my ideal colour choice. It's unique and creamy and blends perfectly. The colour payoff on all three of these is just crazy for the price. If there is any brand of eyeshadow that is definitely worth the price and I would even spend big bucks for it would be Makeup Geek Shadows. They're pigmented, smooth, and so so cheap making them completely ideal for just about anyone. 


  1. Such pretty colors!

    p.s. I just followed you on bloglovin ^__^


    (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

  2. these look beautiful - i love how they're all muted! perfect everyday colors :)

    rachel x

  3. I have been wanting to get my hands on Makeup Geek for a while now as they have been so raved about but I might wait until their new pigments come out now x

    Beauty with charm

  4. I've never heard of the brand but I love the look of the Creme Brulee shadow!


  5. Never heard of this brand, but they look amazing x


  6. Blushers are the one makeup item I lack in my makeup back and I don't know why. Never heard of this brand but your thorough detailed post has made me really interested in finding out more, so thank you for sharing this post.

    Chloe // chloexlogan.blogspot.co.uk - would love if you stopped by x

  7. They look amazing! never tried the brand before but I am tempted to try makeup geek now :D

    Melissa || www.vintagemelissa.co.uk x x

  8. It's an awesome brand! x

  9. thank you so much for the kind words Chloe

  10. They really are, thanks for reading Lily x

  11. It's dare I say it, my holy grail colour x

  12. Oh, I just read a review on the pigments and heard they are just as lovely! x

  13. Exactly! Thank you for the comment Rachel

  14. thanks for following Sera (:

  15. im a HUGE eyeshadow addict and have been waiting to pull the trigger on a MUG purchase for a while. their shadows look super pigmented and for a great price too.i hope shipping to canada isn't too expensive though..


    A Beautiful Zen

  16. Love the coasters (that's what they are, right?) you took pictures of the eyeshadows on! They look so indie and unique!


  17. I have never heard plum described as a greyish tone right up until I read this and then I couldn't help but agree. I think one reason I love to read - whether blogs or books is because it opens my eyes to the way other people think/view things!


  18. Two of my favorites: Unexpected and Peach smoothie. I really like Burlesque as well, I think you should give in and order more shadows hahah!



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