This Week I... (#4)

1. Well to start off with, I devoured this amazing lasagne yesterday. Yesterday I went on a shopping trip to Thousand Oaks with my little brother and best friend and we were absolutely starving by lunch time. So we wandered into this little restaurant called the Lazy Dog Cafe and part of their Nutritious and Delicious section was this beaut. It was probably the most amazing dish I've ever had and the fifteen minute cooking wait was well worth it. 

2. I did some serious shopping. The Thousand Oaks mall is one of the nicest we go to and whenever Dil and I venture out there, we're ready to shop. I actually ventured out of my comfort zone and picked up a dress along with some necessities from Sephora including the new Marc Jacobs perfume rollerball which I'm slowly becoming obsessed with. 

3. I finally found time to clean my makeup brushes. I would say it's an incredible productive week if you actually manage to find time to clean your makeup brushes. I know it's horrid but it's the first time I've seen them with white tops in ages. Definitely a beauty thing I suck at. 

4. I dyed my hair! I have been unhappy with my ombre mix of color for a while now but was too lazy to go out and buy a brown hair color. Everytime I was just at the breaking point, I would have a good hair day and the color would suck me right back in. Well, yesterday morning I went for it and finally dyed my hair a darker brown and I'm absolutely obsessed. It looks so much better and I feel prettier, more confident, and just comfortable with my hair again. 

5. I worked... a lot. This is usually a given but I thought I would throw it in there since my life basically revolves around my job. I even took on a babysitting gig on my one night off which ended up lasting until 1:30 in the morning. I'm kinda a workaholic, that and I suck at saying no to people. 

Next weekend we're going to attempt to go to the Rosebowl Flee Market again and my best friend is getting her wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow so I'm stuck working out alone for a week. With a drugged up bestie, work piling up and school to focus on.. I'm pretty stuck being busy and neglecting my poor blog. I promise I will find time for ya'll again soon. For now, have a lovely week. xx 


  1. You've got me on Lasagna and Shopping. That lasagna looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Great that you had such a great week :)


    1. It was so lovely, thank you for the sweet comment x

  2. That lasagne looks awesome! I might have to figure out how to make it myself!
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