A Natural FOTD And Mini Life Update

Hey guys, sorry it's been such a long time since I've actually had a little chit chat update post. Life has been rather crazy lately and I've been going through quite a lot so focusing primarily on reviews on the blog has just been easier and calming. I absolutely adore blogging because it's a place I get to write and talk about things that really matter to me, whether that be beauty products or lifestyle events, blogging is a passion of mine that I truly do enjoy. I am currently in California and have officially extended my stay here until at least the end of April. Coming home has been difficult but also much needed. I have been spending amazing moments with some old friends and most importantly my mom and brother. It has been a bumpy few weeks and a lot is going on including the impacts of my parents finally getting a much needed divorce. My little brother is only thirteen and my mom is amazing but very caring so it is hitting them rather hard. I also had to call up my grandparents this morning and explain to them I won't be coming back and that was heart wrenching as well. It's honestly just such a mess right now and there's a lot I have to deal with. Sometimes I feel like I'm trying to hold all of these people together while I'm moments from breaking apart myself. I have been doing my best to stay strong through all of this and just to try to think of a better future but it's just really draining and hard lately. 

My birthday is also coming up in a few days. I will be turning 19 on February 24th and holy moly is that scary. I've been testing out some makeup looks and I kind of enjoy this natural eye look I pulled together. I primarily used my Too Faced Natural Eye Palette and loads of L'oreal's new Lash Out Butterfly Mascara. For a small winged eyeliner, I used my go-to gel eyeliner by Nars in Mesopotamia and finished off the look with my signature brows using the Anastasia Brow Wiz. I actually quite like the natural looking eye and am quite impressed with the new mascara I've been trying out. The champagne color in my inner tear ducts gives this simple look a tiny pop and highlight, tying everything together. The overall look is nothing too extreme but just nice and pretty. I'm trying to find the energy to be positive lately but as you can see, even my makeup looks are a bit more easy going than usual. I hope ya'll understand if my posts aren't as happy lately and just stick through this with me. Sometimes life is such a bumpy ride and mine has been on a roller coaster going downhill for three years now. I just want to feel like things are getting easier for once. 

Sorry for the sad mess of emotions today. I really cherish all of you and am so thankful for the support I receive on here and on twitter. Some of you gals have become amazing friends. Thank you again for being so patient with me and here's to better days ahead.

Stefanie xx 


  1. Hope you feel better soon! Best wishes!<3

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  3. I hope you feel better! You still look flawless:)


  4. Hi bunny, I just wanted you to know that you are so strong, and brave to finally going through the path you want, and I hope you'll figure everything out by staying in Cali longer than you were supposed to! I'm glad you're spending time with your family so much, and that it is doing you some good! Know that if you ever need anything there I am here for you! You look beautiful and I love the makeup!

    Alexandra | The A Style | Beauty and lifestyle

    1. Alexandra, you are the sweetest kindest person I've met through blogging. You and Shree are my girls. Thank you so much for the kind words.

  5. You look so pretty :) Sorry to hear about your parents divorce, I know how hard it is x
    Sweet Dreams

  6. Stefy!

    My goodness, I had no idea that this was all happening! Obviously, I am SO happy that you decided to stay in California. Being in Europe was a really good opportunity but it seems to me that in order for you to figure out what you want to do in life you feel like you need to be with your immediate family (okay and plus I really want you to start makeup school so we can both me makeup artists ;).

    So sorry to hear about your parents divorce. Just try to be strong for your brother and your mother because they need nothing more than that right now.

    You know I'm just right down the road and although I am extremely busy these days, I will always make time for my friends.

    As always, the makeup you chose is very pretty.

    Text me if you need to talk.



    1. Thank you so much for the kind words Shree, I really appreciate having you in my life so much and this comment really meant the world to me. Thank you.

  7. Beautiful look, dear and your blog is super cute! :))



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