Real Techniques Starter Set

Before the whole Christmas madness decided to begin, I received my little package from LookFantastic containing my Real Techniques Starter Set - Eye Brushes. The deals and discount codes finally convinced me to pick up this little pack and because I love all the Real Techniques Face Brushes I figured the eye makeup brushes would be just as lovely. I haven't really gotten to play with these yet so this is more of just a haul post but I am so far really impressed with the feel and texture of these little purple gems. The set comes with a Base shadow brush, Deluxe crease brush, Accent brush, Pixel point eyeliner brush, and a Brow brush. The only brush I can truly already fawn over would have to be the brow brush. In my most recent haul (post here) I picked up the Kent Angled Brow Brush because I really needed one that was going to be perfect for applying powder on my eyebrows. It worked fine but I was consistently bothered by the rough texture of the bristles and how it just didn't really glide onto my eyebrow hairs. Upon receiving my Real Techniques set, I swapped out the Kent Brush and tried this little purple guy. I saw such a huge difference immediately because the texture of the brush was fine and allowed me to draw a smooth arch and angle to my brows. The only down side to the brush would have to be that I find it a little large for the brows, I like smaller dainty ones but who knows maybe one of the others will become my go to brow brush. I am a firm believer in using makeup products for multiple things and never really sticking to the rules. If it's called a brow brush, no one ever said you're not allowed to use that baby for a mean cat eye or smokey look. Makeup is supposed to be fun and it allows us to venture out of our comfort zones. I am pretty shy person but I love using makeup to make a statement and show some of myself everyday. I'm really excited to use these brushes and find out little ways to bring them into my daily routine. I'm sure you'll be seeing them in future favourites and if you haven't picked up this set, I would definitely recommend it. It's incredibly affordable (€23) and the Real Techniques Brushes are just so face friendly that anyone could find some use in them. Whether you're a professional or just a beginner, pick up these lovely brushes and give them a go!

Do you own the Real Techniques Starter Eye Brushes Set? Or do you prefer a different brand of eye brushes? Let me know, down bellow.

Stefanie xx


  1. I have this set too! ^^ I love it but I agree on the brow brush being a little large.. I want to try it for eyeliner too! :D

  2. this review was really helpful thank you xo

  3. I love this set! Great to start experimenting with eye make up. I never get any use out of the 'brow' brush though, it's far too thick. xx


  4. I love this set! I tend to use the pixel point one for my brows, it makes them a lot neater!

  5. Great review, I want this kit so bad!

    check out my blog xx

  6. these look really nice!i just got some real techniques brushes and I'm enjoying using them!:)xx


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