Mac Studio Fix Concealer Review

Concealer to me is probably the most important part of my everyday makeup routine. Foundation does the trick for some people, it covers up the basic flaws; redness, bumps, discolouration, and yah the small blemishes too. But concealer is like your own little pot of photoshop and with a dab or so on the problem areas, the right kind of concealer covers just about anything up. My complexion is far from flawless, I have acne scarring, lovely breakouts, and deep bags under my eyes. The Mac Studio Fix Concealer is probably the best concealer I've ever used and I'm not surprised that so many include it in their holy grail list of beauty items. 

The price is a bit steep when you look at the tiny size of this pot, it's probably just about as big as a tea light so one comes to think is the price really worth such a small product? Let me tell you a little goes a long way with this gem, I've been using it for a month now and I don't even think I've gotten an eight of the way through. It's size makes it easy to fit in any makeup bag, making it super portable and with a mirror near by touchups are easy peasy. The concealer is a cream and balm based product so in the cold months it may seem unblendable or cakey. There's an easy fix to all that, use your fingertips! Your body temperature will warm up the product and make it more controllable and suitable to use. I personally like to dab it on with my finger, getting the product warm and then blend it out nicely with one of my Real Techniques brushes. I usually reach for the Setting Brush to blend this concealer out and it does the trick perfectly. But if you're not one to use tons of brushes (Trust me I get you) then use your fingers, while some concealers blend away and look as if you didn't use any product at all when attacked by the finger (haha), this one actually stays put beautifully and does exactly what you want it to. 

The only con I would have to say about this product is that it can be a little unhygienic. Since the pot is tiny, I'm thinking that once there's less product your fingertips are going to get a little icky. I don't personally like when product ends up under my nails and I have heard that this occurs quite often once this concealer starts hitting pan. Also, it's a little too heavy for under eye concealing. It probably could do the trick with a very soft touch but I would suggest using a different concealer for under the eyes such as the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. 

Overall, this stuff works. It lasts throughout the day and gives me the coverage that I need. A little product goes such a long way and it makes me feel more confident about my skin. It convinces people I have a flawless complexion and that's something I've never been able to say before. For blemishes and skin impurities, this concealer is perfect to use. It's portable size, easy application, and lasting power make it my top pick for an everyday finish. 

Stefanie xx


  1. i'm currently looking for a good quality concealer that doesn't crease. i just love mac products so i will have a look at this one soon.


  2. I really want to try this, I'm a bit of a concealer junkie and I've never tried this one!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  3. I've wanted to try this for ages. I've heard great things about it being a cover up but nothing about how good it is under the eyes. Do you use it as eye concealer? Lovely review by the way

    Hannah xxx



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